As we look ahead to the rest of the 2020–21 academic year, we know that measuring the impact of our work will not be a process without complications. We will be tasked with responding to changes in education with innovation in understanding student, family and staff experiences. As families, educators, students and school staff are adapting to a new educational environment, it is our job to ensure that the critical support provided by our services remains resolute.

The Measures of Progress developed to track agency-wide outcomes are not just limited to recording quantitative data, but also include qualitative stories of service that chronicle the many successes and challenges of this work. Through this process of reporting, we hope that the work of PSESD comes alive both in the data we present and the reflections shared on behalf of program staff, partners and participants. Capturing the impact of such a diversity of programs requires an inclusive approach toward measurement, and we acknowledge that this work is an evolving process.

This year has been a time of racial reckoning across our nation, and it's a moment in which we as an agency must lean into our mission. The COVID-19 pandemic that disproportionately impacts communities of color has further exacerbated educational inequities across the country. Ensuring that our agency is effectively serving the educational community is critical, and we’re grateful for the sustained guidance and support of our partners in this work. Our transformational relationships with schools, organizations and communities are indispensable, and we’re eager to hear from you about how we can support your efforts and advance toward a racially just and humanizing school system.

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