Strategic Direction Action Teams

SDAT 1 Members

  • Erin Stewart
    Special Services Director
  • Elisabeth Smith
    Program Specialist, System and School Improvement
  • Elizabeth Chick
    Director, Expanded Learning Programs
  • Heather Kawamoto
    Program Manager, Equity in Education
  • Jayme Estep
    Manager Systems, Early Learning
  • Leslie Nielsen
    Manager, Stem
  • Mary Waldron
    Manager, PreK to 3 Systems
  • Remy Poon
    Consultant, Stem
  • Tiffany Lyons
    Data Systems Technician, Early Learning
SDAT Puzzle Pieces

SDAT 2 Members:

  • Allyssa Zillmer
    Executive Assistant, Equity in Education
  • Clairmonte Cappelle
    Executive Director, Workers’ Compensation Trust, Unemployment Pool & Technology Services
  • Decca Calloway
    Program Manager Disabilities Services, Early Learning
  • Denise Altheimer
    Executive Director, Human Resources and Organizational Development
  • Hilary Loeb
    Director, Strategy, Evaluation and Learning
  • Jeannette Belaski
    Business Partner, Human Resources and Organizational Development
  • Lauren Okano
    Director Resource Innovation and Data
  • Maxine Broussard-Upchurch
    Director, Human Resources and Organizational Development
  • Michelle Morse
    Program Manager, Equity in Education
  • Reginald Reid
    Principal, ReLife School

SDAT 3 Members:

  • Amy Meiser
    Expanded Learning Site Coordinator
  • Amy Okeze
    Director Special Services
  • Anna Wade
    Director, Grants Administration
  • Arthur Dennis
    Director Dropout Intervention and Re-Engagement
  • Cheryl Lydon
    Program Manager, Stem
  • Eileen Yoshina,
    Director, Equity in Education
  • Erin Berkey
    Manager Team, Early Learning
  • Greta Bornemann
    Director, Stem
  • Julie Rolling
    Executive Director Learning, Teaching, and Family Support
  • Laura Matson
    Director of Special Services
  • Martha Waiters
    Technical Assistant Coordinator, Early Learning 
  • Whitney White
    Consultant, WAKids Pre K to 3 Systems

SDAT 4 Members:

  • Abby Smith
    Program Manager, Special Services
  • Angela Griffin
    Community Member
  • Angelica Alvarez
    Manager, Postsecondary Success
  • Carlina Brown-Banks
    Community Member
  • Cece Smith
    Community Member
  • Cecily Croskey
    Community Member
  • Cherryl Jackson
    Community Member
  • David Corby
    Program Consultant, Communications, Government Relations and Public Relations
  • Enovi Chandler
    Community Member
  • Gloria Fortune
    Community Member
  • Haydee Lavariega
    Community Member
  • Immaculate Ferreria
    Community Member
  • Justina Johnson
    Community Member
  • Karina Vanderbilt
    Director Multilingual Services
  • Kay Lancaster
    Executive Director, Early Learning
  • Lorna Gilmour
    Community Member
  • Lori Pittman
    Advisor Policy and Government, Early Learning
  • Matthew Gulbranson
    Director Family and Communication Partnerships
  • Megan Streeter
    School Safety and Threat Assessment Coordinator
  • Mona Han
    Community Member
  • Paula Steinke
    Community Member
  • Regina Elmi
    Community Member
  • Shereese Rhodes
    Community Member
  • Sonja Lennox
    Community Member
  • Tea Fortune
    Community Member
  • Vickie Warren
    Community Member