Students Experience a Racially Just and Humanizing School System

Student measures icon
  • Pathway to Change Area: Student Measures of Progress
  • Outcome from PSESD Pathway to Change: Students experience a racially just and humanizing school system; all students can succeed and achieve
  • Indicator Description: Students reporting the extent to which they have experienced racially just and humanizing school systems, as shared through the Youth Participatory Action Research projects

Data Narrative

This Measure of Progress was co-designed with high school interns from PSESD’s Leaders in Training program. The intention was for the data collection itself to be mutually beneficial for students and PSESD, and racially just and humanizing. The interns co-created a Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) data collection approach in which students explored issues of importance to them and gained concrete skills.

Rooted in social justice principles, YPAR is an innovative approach to community improvement that centers the experiences of local youth. YPAR participants conduct systematic research projects to better their communities and institutions. This year’s YPAR internship was held virtually and led by a cohort of returning Leaders in Training interns. Supported by peer advisors Roscella Fuertes, Sonnhi Duong, and Shadia Amir, interns met as a group to learn about research protocols and discuss issues impacting their communities. Interns’ research topics included teacher trainings, antiracism in schools and homelessness. The YPAR interns intend on showcasing their findings to the public within the coming months. The results of the students’ YPAR projects will be shared in the 2021 Report to the Community.

If you’d like to learn more about YPAR, visit the YPAR Hub or contact PSESD lead, Cassandra O’Francia