Families Feel Empowered to Partner with Their Child(ren)’s School

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  • Pathway to Change Area: Systems Measures of Progress
  • Outcome from the PSESD Pathway to Change: Capacity and resources to close racial equity gaps; implementation of racially equitable policies and practices.
  • Indicator Description: Percent of families with children in elementary school reporting that their school supports them to partner with the school

Data Narrative

This measure focuses specifically on families with children in early elementary school. Parents have shared that they feel connected and empowered when their children are in early learning programs, but feel less welcomed by schools when their children enter elementary school. Information from this measure will help PSESD and its partners and families to build stronger connections in those early elementary years.

Development of this measure will be finalized in the 2020–21 school year. The current plan is to survey parents who are connected with PSESD programs, such as our Early Learning program and Early Math project, to hear from them about their experiences. This may evolve as we build our capacity to learn from student and family experiences in different parts of the organization.

Image of family with two kids.
Image of boy having fun with his family