Partners Adopt Gap-Closing Practices

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  • Pathway to Change Area: Systems Measures of Progress
  • Outcome from the PSESD Pathway to Change: Capacity and resources to close racial equity gaps; implementation of racially equitable policies and practices.
  • Indicator Description: Percent of school district strategic plans and policies with evidence of racially equitable practices

Data Narrative

PSESD’s pathway to change, or theory of change, is to support partners to lead with racial equity and develop their capacity so that they adopt and scale gap-closing practices, or racially just practices. This measure helps PSESD better understand strengths and opportunities for growth in this area.

A design team of PSESD staff and partners, plus high school students from PSESD’s Leaders in Training (LIT) internship program, co-designed the approach to this measure. LIT interns are analyzing school district strategic plans and policies using a rubric they developed to look for evidence of racial justice practices. They are also comparing their own experiences in school with the results of their analyses. In addition, the design team is interested in hearing from more students about their experiences with gap-closing practices in their schools. This dovetails with efforts to understand student and family experiences in other parts of PSESD. The design team will be working in 2021 to develop ways to hear from students and families about their experiences to help shape the approaches PSESD takes in different parts of our organization.

Image of LIT Student Interns